The Roman amphitheater of Ancona is definitely the most important evidence of Roman architecture in Ancona, as well as the Trajan Arch located in the harbor ara.

Built in the Augustan age, and probably restored during the Trajan reign, it is located between the Guasco and Capuccini hills, in a magnificent place overlooking the sea; the structure originally had a cavea with 20 terraces over 3 orders and was able to accommodate about 10,000 spectators.

The amphitheater is currently undergoing restoration, and therefore is not open for visits and few are the visible parts. However, you can always admire the outside and is a palce that we recommend if you are visiting the historic center of Ancona, going from the city harbor up to the Guasco hill and the Cathedral of San Ciriaco.

Near the amphitheater, during the summer, a stage is often set up to host numerous plays, concerts and other cultural events.

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