National Archaeological Museum of the Marche




Located inside the sixteenth century Ferretti Palace, in the historic center of Ancona, the National Archaeological Museum of the Marche, aims to show the history of the various civilizations in the region, from the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages.

The section dedicated to the Piceno Civilization (X-III century BC.) and the Gauls (IV-II century BC), has a great relevance and has always been the main attraction of the museum.

The museum is spread over three floors and includes different sections: the prehistoric, the ancient history (the Civilization Piceno), and the section devoted to the Gallic civilization, the Greek-Hellenistic one, the Roman section and the early Middle Ages one. There is also a section dedicated to the numismatic collection and a paleontological finds.

Curiosity: on the palace terrace, with a viewpoint of Ancona harbour, is exhibited a copy of the golden-bronze statues from Cartoceto of Pergola, a famous relic whose original version is a source of contention between the Ancona and Pergola museums.

Also, during the summer, on the terrace are often held meetings and evening lectures with historical and archaeological contents.

The museum is definitely an important step during your visit to Ancona and the Conero Riviera.

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