Raised in 115 AD by Apollodoro from Damascus in honour of Emperor Trajan, this arch is one of the most important Roman evidences of the whole Marche region. Its white marble and corinthian columns make it stands beautifully over the historical side of Ancona's harbor. Originally it was adorned with bronze enrichments which we can imagine were giving a magic shining effect, especially at sunset, impressing all those who would arrive in town by sea.

Trajan was the Emperor who did the most for the town of Ancona: he enlarged the port and built new fortifications. It was from this harbour that he left for the victorious war against the Dacians.

The monument is inside the port, near Nazario Sauro dock, North Pier n. 22 and the access is free.
Recently it has been provided with fascinating night lighting so a visit in the evening is recommended.

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