Church of "Santa Maria della Piazza"




The Church of Santa Maria della Piazza in Ancona is a typical example of a Romanesque church.
Built between the eleventh and twelfth centuries, the church stands on top of two early Christian churches (VI - VII century), as evidenced by the remains that are found in the underground area of the church and which are visible through guided tours at certain times of year. Among these remains, there are two levels of mosaics, in addition to a well, some frescoes and a small section of ancient walls.

Santa Maria della Piazza has a rectangular plan, with three naves, an apse and a raised altar.

The facade of the church is surely one of the most interesting elements of the building: from Byzantine origin, it is covered by blind arches and has a splayed arched entrance portal, adorned with friezes.

Trivia: his name was formerly "Saint Mary of the Reed" (Santa Maria del Canneto), as they stood in a marshy place near the city harbour. Later, in this area the city market will come to life and the church will change its name first in "Saint Mary of the Market" (Santa Maria del Mercato) and finally in the current "Santa Maria della Piazza".

The church was restored in 1980 and can be visited inside only at certain times.
To find out dates and times, please see the tourist website of the Municipality of Ancona.

The building is always visible from the outside and we recommend a visit, as it is one of the characteristic places through the discovery itinerary of Ancona historic centre, from the harbour to the Cathedral of Saint Cyriacus.

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