Cathedral of Saint Cyriacus



It is the Ancona Cathedral, consecrated to the town's patron saint, Saint Cyriacus. A medieval building of great value where Byzantine style perfectly blends with the Romanesque one. The Cathedral rises on top of the Guasco hill overlooking the whole gulf and harbour of Ancona.

The Cathedral was built over the ancient Acropolis, it is believed it lays exactly over the rests of a temple dedicated to Aphrodite. The first building - a paleochristian basilica consecrated to St Lorence - dates back to the 7th century  then the architecture changed in time to finally assume the present style when it was consecrated to St Ciriaco, between the 13th and the 14th century.

The Cathedral treasures a Madonna painting which is very dear to locals since, according to tradition, it was the protagonist of a miraculous event on the 25th of June 1796. The icon would suddenly animate, the Madonna would smile and open her eyes to a group of faithful gathered for the evening pray.

Next to the Cathedral, inside the Old Episcopio Palace there is the Diocesan Museum, admittance is free of charge, check the opening time on .

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