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Interview with Giuseppe Cingolani, owner of Steackhouse ‘Qualità è Amore’ of Ancona.

How and when was born the restaurant?
‘Qualità è Amore’ comes from my passion and love for the meat. From the experience of the ‘Centro Carni’ at Villa Musone (Loreto), our historic butcher, known throughout the province of Ancona, we decided to open a unique place in Ancona city, a first for the area: a restaurant with a butcher, where the meat is the star of the table.

What are the main features of the steakhouse?
‘Qualità è Amore’ is the home of the meat and good cooking, where attention for the customer comes first. I often wander among the tables to give advice on the many dishes on our menu, and how to combine them with the best wines of the Marche. We offer meat specialties of the Marche but not only: for example we invite you to taste our American black angus or some Argentine and Australian beef.

One of our strengths is the large brace on sight that welcomes you as you enter the main room. Sitting at the table, you can watch your meat cook live, while the scents and aromas will spread in the air. ‘Qualità è Amore’ is a paradise for those who love meat: we are the first real steakhouse of the Marche region!

Tell us about the butcher.

The butcher connected with the restaurant is at our guests' disposal. Meat of the best quality and typical products of the culinary tradition of the Marche, are shown in the large counter behind which our staff is always ready to advise and fulfill your every desire.
I personally select the best animals, visiting farms and talking to farmers, because everything has to be of the best quality. We have also very interesting promotions every month: follow us on our Facebook page to discover them all!

  • Appetizers
  • Takeaway
  • Gluten-free cooking
  • Typical cuisine
  • Vegetarian
  • Private parking lot
  • Theme evenings
  • Meat specialties
  • Outdoor seating
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