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Traditional cuisine of the Conero Riviera: seafood dishes
Oily fish and shellfish are the main dishes served in the restaurants of the Riviera del Conero. Do not miss the Portonovo mussels, typical mollusks guaranteed by Slow Food. Another traditional dish is the "sardoncino scottadito", small sardines breaded and grilled. In the area of ​​Porto Recanati iyou can taste fish soup, shellfish and crustaceans. Near Ancona, the king of seafood dishes is stockfish.

Look for restaurants in the Conero Riviera, where you can taste the typical seafood dishes.

Traditional cuisine of the Conero Riviera: dishes from the land
The culinary tradition of the hinterland is characterized by vincisgrassi, Marche lasagna prepared with a sauce of chicken giblets, chopped beef or lamb and béchamel. With the same seasoning you can also enjoy the tagliatelle, which often are still hand-stretched as it once was. The main dishes are rich in game, especially hares and wild boars. We should not forget the rabbit served 'in porchetta' and ' in potacchio', a true delicacy.

Look for restaurants and agritourism in the Conero Riviera, where you can taste typical dishes from the land.

Never missing in the table, Rosso Conero is the wine typical of the Riviera del Conero, celebrated by a popular festival which is held every year in September in the town of Camerano. But many are also the high quality white wines to pair with seafood dishes, such as Pecorino, Passerina or Verdicchio.
The Conero area is rich of wine cellars, ideal for wine tasting, often combined with a good chunk of ciauscolo, soft spreadable salami typical of the Marche.

Terre del Conero
Terre del Conero products are the result of a project carried out to create a quality food supply chain, from farm to fork, which brings together about 60 farms within the bounds of the Conero Natural Park.

Cereals and legumes, flour, bread, pasta, wine, olive oil, meat, honey, herbs, jams, ... all products are certified QM (Quality guaranteed by Marche), Organic Farming and DOC and are often used in the kitchens of the restaurants of Portonovo bay and Riviera del Conero. You can also find them in some selected outlets.
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