Trails of Monte Conero: the forests' circle of Conero




This hike is simple and short but yet very impressive, suitable for those approaching to the Conero Park for the first time.

Difficulty: Easy.
Duration: two and a half hours approximately .
Equipment: wear comfortable clothes and shoes and bring a bottle of water.

A journey through different natural environments, from the garrigue of Raggetti Plateau to the reforestation of coniferous and deciduous trees, form the copse of beeches, maples and flowering ash to the low shrubs of the Mediterranean scrub.

Bring a camera to capture unforgettable views, such as the rolling hills and breathtaking views of the sea of the Conero Riviera.

An itinerary that can be enriched by visiting important sites of historical and archaeological interest: the abbey of St. Peter, the prehistoric rock carvings and the Roman caves, impressive stone quarries dating back to the first century BC.

The tour also features a transit at the panoramic balconies of Pian Grande and at the northen viewpoint, favoured points for spotting the many raptors that pass on the Conero during the spring migration or that choose the rocky cliffs as their ideal habitat.

The material for the realization of this card has been provided by Forestalp, Tour Operator in charge of ecotourism in many areas of the Marche region including the Conero Park. For more information please contact the Forestalp.

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