The Tower (La Torre )




Only remnant of the medieval town of Numana, perhaps part of a bell tower, perhaps a watchtower, perhaps part of a defensive outpost, the Tower of Numana is now a restored arch that makes a fine show in the square overlooking the marina of Numana.

We are in a characteristic place of Numana, not only for the beautiful view, but also for  the presence of numerous restaurants and bars serving nice cocktails.

The square of Numana, with its Tower, is a characteristic place of the Conero Riviera, which is definitely worth a visit, perhaps better in the evening when the arc is highlighted by a dramatic lighting.

Near the Tower you can take the Costarella, one of the most typical streets of Numana, characterized by a long staircase that connects the upper part of the city with the port. On either side of the stairs you will see the typical houses built with the Conero white stone, once inhabited by local fishermen.

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