Numana bassa




The beach of "Numana bassa" is one of the better equipped in the Conero Riviera. Plenty of beach resorts, restaurants and bars on an easy to access, fine and smooth pebble beach. It is an ideal destination for families with kids and all those who enjoy comfortable and serviced beaches.

The beach lays on the right side of the Numana Marina and blends seamlessly with Marcelli beach. Accessing the beach is pleasantly easy and people with reduced mobility should not find obstacles of any kind.

Type of beach
smooth and fine gravel, sand.

How to get there
By car: Numana Bassa beach is easy to reach by car. Free parking is not available but it is very convenient to leave the car in the adjacent marina car park or along the seaside road paying a fee.
GPS address to the Marina Car Park: Via del Golfo, 24 Numana - 60026

By bus: 2 Tourist Bus Lines (stop-and-go), tickets last 24 h. See more info below.
Regular bus lines connect Numana Bassa with nearby towns and Ancona.
For regular and tourist bus lines see .

More info:
IAT Numana
Via Flaminia (on the corner with via Avellaneda, near the main parking site)
tel. (+39) 071 9330612
opening  hours:  09.30 - 13.30 / 14.30 - 18.00

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