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Cortesi Theater is the Municipal Theatre of the beautiful town of Sirolo. The theater was inaugurated in 1875 and nearly a century later, in 1980, work began for the restoration of the building abandoned for years, ending in 1989 with its reopening.

The special feature of the building is to be entirely incorporated into the city walls of the old town, between the main door and the adjacent tower. The facade reflects the style of the nineteenth-century public buildings of the time and the use of local white stone of the Conero blends perfectly with the existing architecture.

The hall has a classic horseshoe shape and is surrounded by a gallery enclosed by a series of painted wooden Doric columns on which two rows of seats are placed. The proscenium is bordered by two pilasters and a slightly arched lintel with ornaments that resemble those of the boxes. Especially pleasing is the decoration of the vault, which has ten female figures dancing in octagonal shapes arranged in a circle around the central rosette, from which hangs a beautiful crystal chandelier.

The square in front of the theater is dedicated to Franco Enriquez, acclaimed theater and opera director, a native of Florence, and very close to the Marche, land of birth of her life companion, the actress Valeria Moriconi from Jesi.

The theater offers an annual program of events, prose and music.

More info:
Teatro Cortesi
Piazza Franco Henriquez, Sirolo (Ancona)
Tel. +39 071 9330952
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