Church of St. Peter at Conero




The Church of St. Peter at Conero ("San Pietro al Conero") is placed in Sirolo, in a unique position on the summit of Mount Conero, plunged in the green nature of the Conero Riviera.

It is part of the convent of St. Peter at Conero, founded in 1038 thanks to a donation made by Cortesi Counts of Sirolo to a Benedictine abbot. The construction of the first cloister in front of the church dates back to 1203. Below the church is thought that there may be the remains of a temple dedicated to the Goddess Pamplona, patron saint of sailors. In 1558 a fire destroyed much of the church and the convent. The restoration works were undertaken by the Benedictine monks of Camaldoli, which, in 1561, settled there permanently and remained there until 1864.

Today the monastery is a luxury hotel and a restaurant, but the Church of St. Peter is still visible and keeps the shapes and style of the ancient Romanesque structure.

From here, various paths branch out through Mount Conero and therefore this is an ideal starting point for a walk in the green of the Conero Regional Park, because it is easily accessible by car, thanks to a convenient parking near the church.

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