Paintmyrun: the most colourful running of the Conero




From "Teatro delle Cave" to the Brodolini Square in Sirolo, running through a path where you will be bombarded by the launch of natural coloured powders!

Armed with bags of coloured powder, you will not be outdone and you can hit your opponents for a burst of colours all along the Conero Riviera!

No, we're not kidding ... it is Paintmyrun, the original non-competitive race to be held on Sunday, September 23rd 2012, starting at 8:30 am, at the Theatre "At the Cave" (Teatro Alle Cave).

The race will start in the picturesque scenery of the Theatre, on the slopes of Mount Conero. You will cross a stretch in the country, and then enter the town of Sirolo, along the main road and under the walls, till the finish line in Brodolini square, where there will be a final explosion of colours and lots of music.

The race will have some prizes, like stays at facilities in Sirolo, dinners in restaurants and free cocktails, in addition to a 50% discount to spend in one of the shops of Sirolo for the more colourful participant.

Visit the event website to register for the race, equip yourself with a pair of sneakers and a white T-shirt and get ready to race!

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