A month to save "the places of the heart" in the Conero Riviera.




FAI, the Italian Environmental Fund, is promoting a project to save "the places of the heart" of Italy: monuments, churches and other historic structures that need restoration and return to shine.

The goal is to raise awareness on the value of our heritage and take a census of all the facilities that you would like to be preserved intact for future generations.

This is essentially the aim of the project that you can analyse reading this page and that will hopefully allow the recovery of one or more assets amongst the most voted by 11/30/2012.

Even the Conero Riviera has many places to save, such as the Church of Jesus and the Church of "Santa Maria della Piazza" in Ancona or the small church of Portonovo.

You can search for places to save visiting this page.

We therefore invite you to visit the project website, register and vote for the places in Conero Riviera that you want to save ... you can also vote for them all if you want!

FAI - The Places of the heart

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