Only a few-minute drive from the Conero Riviera, Offagna is the typical medieval hamlet you can find on the green hills of the region Marche. Inside its majestic walls raises the "Rocca" (Fort), a solid military garrison whose tower allows a wonderful view of the landscape extending from the mountains to the sea.

Homed within the Fort buildings is the Museum of Arms, a rich collection of weapons from different times.

Nature lover should not miss the Museum of Natural Science "Luigi Paolucci" displaying naturalistic exhibits and a wide range of scientific instrumentation. Paolucci was an estimated naturalist, research scientist and university Professor born in Ancona in the middle of 19th century. His works  focused on regional flora and fauna, including the peculiar species of  Mount Conero. Paolucci reached an international fame receiving compliments by eminent colleagues like Charles Darwin.

Offagna historical center is a charming net of cobbled lanes and alleys which make the perfect set for the renowned Medieval Festivals taking place every year in July. During this week the town retrains the splendours of an authentic medieval town through costume re-enactments, tournaments, jugglers, tumblers, magicians and themed food stalls.

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