Wood of Gallignano and Botanical Garden




The Wood of Gallignano is a small forest covering 8 hectares, located in the area of Gallignano, a hamlet of Ancona.

The Wood is a green lung in the Conero Riviera hinterland. It is a protected natural area, with two equipped trails ideal for walking and hiking, and is part of the Botanical Garden of the Marche Polytechnic University.
The Botanical Garden  is a research center for the biodiversity conservation of the local flora and also a learning center for environmental culture. Its flowerbeds recreate some of the typcal environments of both Adriatic coasts and it also holds some medicinal plants.

The garden has also a sensory trail for the visually impaired.
The path consists of a series of stone flowerbeds, raised to facilitate the visitor contact (tactile, olfactory, gustatory) with the cultivated plants. Each of the flowerbeds' species has associated an identification tag, written also in Braille.

Access to the Botanical Garden and to the wood is allowed only on foot and you are also welcome with your dog, if on a leash.

More info and opening hours
Opening hours: from 9.00 am to sunset.
Free access.
Guided tours are available on booking.
(For bookings please visit www.ortobotanico.univpm.it )

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