Passetto pine grove




The Passetto pine grove is one of the green lungs of the city of Ancona (the main others are the Cardeto Park and the area known as the Citadel).

The area is characterized by lush pine trees under which you can relax sitting on stone benches, contemplating the view of the sea below.

The pine forest is characterized by the presence of the "Monument to the Fallen of the First World War", an impressive piece of architecture, designed in the twenties and connected to the sea through two large staircases.

At the end of the staircases you can find the Passetto beach, the shore town of Ancona, reachable in the summer also by a lift (for a small fee) located just inside the pine forest.

This place is ideal to start your "from sea to sea stroll”, going from Passetto to Ancona harbour, thereby crossing some of the most characteristic points of the city.

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