Cathedral of St Jhoseph of Cupertino




St Joseph of Cupertino is Osimo's patron saint, an Italian Franciscan friar well known for his miraculous levitation phenomena. For this reason he is believed to be also the patron saint of air travelers, aviators and students.

The Cathedral was initially consecrated to St Francesco of Assisi to commemorate his two visits to the town of Osimo (in 1215 and 1220). Nowadays only the exterior of the building keeps the austere Romano-Gothic style. The interiors have been completely remade during the second half of 18th century following the canonization of Friar Joseph of Cupertino whose remains are shielded in the crypt.

The rooms where the Saint spent part of his life have been destined to serve as museum and are open to the public for visits.

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Basilica San Giuseppe da Copertino
Piazza Gallo, 10 -  60027 Osimo
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Tourist Information Offices - IAT
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Osimo City Council – Tourism Department
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